Material Girl for Life!

How do you deal with paying for your shopping habits? Do you allot a certain amount of your paycheck to buy that one certain thing you’ve been eyeing for the past month? Do you shop the year away charging it and pay off the credit card bills when you receive your tax refund? Why do we blame people for wanting nice things? Why blame the American way of life? I believe there is a disconnection of perspective between materialism and fiscal responsibility.

People think living beyond our means is an American ill… Well, I surely don’t believe it is! People have been spending other people’s money for thousands of years! The triumphs celebrated by Roman emperors were paid for by taxes or booty. Monarchies around the world have paid for priceless jewels, gowns, balls, palaces, lovers – the list is infinite, with tax money, state resources, and others’ lives picking up the tab. There have always been people who want what others have or just to have nice things because we work for our paychecks.  If the bills are paid on time and you have 6 months of living expenses in the bank (a la Suze Orman), then who does it hurt?   

Cocobear gets a paycheck in treats when she does her job, heeling, sitting, recall, etc. I get my paycheck for showing up to the office each week and completing my tasks. Why shouldn’t we enjoy what we work for if it brings us joy?

One of the first albums I owned as a little girl was Madonna’s Like a Virgin, which OF COURSE is the home of the timeless Material Girl. I was seven years old. I’m not saying it was destiny, but I’m not saying it wasn’t…

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